Absinth, Palírna u Zeleného stromu - Starorežná Prostějov, a.s.

Product Description:

Absinth – a mystical as well as damned beverage. Absinth contains sagebrush serving as a symbol of bitterness since the Apocalypse has been written. Sagebrush contains thujon, which is an alkaloid with psychedelic effects, i.e. a reason of such curse. Absinth is made in few countries around the world.

Other information:

Preparation of the beverage: place an absinth spoon over a pellucid cup containing ca. 40 ml of Absinth. Put two sugar cubes to the spoon. Dilute and sweeten Absinth by a light stream of icy water poured through the sugar. Watch the turbulence in the cup and opalisation of the drink. In the end, stir the sugar by the spoon, and your aperitif is ready.

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Palírna u Zeleného stromu - Starorežná Prostějov, a.s.

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Palírna u Zeleného stromu - Starorežná Prostějov, a.s.
Dykova 8
794 97

Czech Republic



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Pavel Hampl DiS
export manager
Tel.: +420 582 301 377

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czech, english, german
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Absinth Absinth Absinth


Product Name: Absinth
Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Production Amount: subject of agreement Minimum Delivery Amount: subject of agreement
Unit Price: according to the current pricelist

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